Angela McMillan MBACP (Accred)



This specialist treatment can take as little as one session to get to the root of the trauma and treat it.

Part of a new range of therapies called Amygdala Depotentiation/ Desensitising Techniques (ADTs) this approach  uses bi-lateral movements with a light pen to help reprocess the traumatic memories

This therapy can be done 'content free' meaning you don't have to talk about what happened to you

Based on the latest neuroscience  this course of therapy is suitable if you have found other techniques have not helped you resolve what happened

Sessions are not timed - meaning we work together until you feel ready to finish (anything up to 1-1.5 hours is typical)

Fee is £100 per session

I offer one low cost space per month at £25 per session


Sessions take place over Zoom


BLAST (R) for Trauma